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The #1 SculpSure Center in Florida – Laser Fat Reduction, No Surgery, No Downtime!

SculpSure Laser fat reduction is a new FDA approved laser procedure that melts your stubborn fat so you can see a slimmer you and it’s available at New Radiance in Palm Beach Gardens, the #1 SculpSure Center in Florida. SculpSure has been featured on CBS News, The Dr. Oz Show, The Doctors and more due to the fact that has been proven in clinical trials to be the best Non-Surgical fat reduction treatment available today. SculpSure Palm Beach wants you to know the facts – SculpSure Laser Fat Reduction has been proven more effective at eliminating fat than CoolSculpting and SculpSure tightens skin too all at a fraction of the cost. Fat reduction has never been simpler than it is with SculpSure and New Radiance uses an Advanced Protocol which maximizes results.

  • No Surgery, No Needles, No Downtime – Quick SImple 25 Minute Treatment!
  • No Recovery – Resume activities immediately
  • Tightens & Firms Skin – Something that Freezing Fat with CoolSculpting doesn’t do!
  • No Pain or Burns – Skin is cooled during treatment
  • Laser Targets fat cells and Permanently destroys them 
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Sculpsure Laser Fat Reduction Treatment​- Get a second $995 BONUS 2nd TREATMENT FREE

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3x better than coolsculpting

SculpSure Laser Fat Reduction in Palm Beach

Slim Down Without Surgery!

Now you can lose 25% of stubborn fat on your abdomen, back or love handles in just 25 Minutes!* Sculpsure is a revolutionary new treatment for laser fat reduction that has been featured all over the News and now SculpSure is available in Palm Beach Gardens. It has been proven to be effective in in FDA clinical trials. With  SculpSure you get a new figure without surgery or down-time. Find out more about SculpSure Palm Beach now with a Free Consult. SculpSure removes more than 3 Times more fat than CoolSculpting – Before considering CoolSculpting  learn more about SculpSure.

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Dr. Oz calls SculpSure A Fat Loss Game Changer!

Watch this video to learn how SculpSure  destroys fat without surgery during one 25 minute treatment. See real patients experience SculpSure and decide id you are the perfect match for SculpSure, the new FDA approved treatment for stubborn fat.

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Our experts will meet with you 1-on-1 to set up your SculpSure procedure. You only need 25 minutes to contour your figure with SculpSure!


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SculpSure Patient Experience Watch the video to see the SculpSure treatment procedure. As you will see in the video SculpSure treatments utilize 4 patented cooling applicators

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SculpSure Testimonials See real SculpSure testimonials - patients share their experiences with laser fat loss. SculpSure is changing the way we think about fat loss in America

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SculpSure is a new non-invasive way to lose fat and if you are considering CoolSculpting - this infograph will help you decide which procedure is right for you.

SculpSure in Palm Beach

Appointments Now Available in 2 Convenient Locations

SculpSure is new but it has already been hailed as the biggest advance in fat reduction treatments in the last decade. SculpSure is the first Non-Invasive laser treatment proven to reduce fat. In FDA Clinical trials SculpSure reduced 24% of treated fat in just 25 minutes permanently without Surgery or Downtime.

  • Completely non-surgical, non-invasive with no downtime
  • No recovery time – Resume activities immediately
  • Tightens & Firms Skin – CoolSculpting has no effect
  • No Pain or burns – Skin is cooled during treatment
  • Targets and Permanently destroys fat cells
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SculpSure Featured on CBS NEWS!

Sculpsure Laser Fat Reduction Treatment​- Get a second $995 BONUS 2nd TREATMENT FREE

To Get a a FREE 2nd Treatment

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