SculpSure Patient Experience

Watch the video to see the SculpSure treatment procedure.

As you will see in the video SculpSure treatments utilize 4 patented cooling applicators to effectively target and reduce fat in the areas you desire. When you visit our office, your SculpSure specialist will ask you where you want to lose fat and plan your treatment accordingly. During the procedure you can sit comfortably or lie down on our specialized beds as your treatment will only take 25 minutes from start to finish. And once you leave our office your body will naturally eliminate the treated fat within 6-8 weeks. At this point you will see the effects of SculpSure first-hand on your waistline and in your life.

SculpSure is designed to help you lose the fat that sticks to your body even after you diet and exercise. If you would like to lose fat and can spare just 25 minutes  out of your day for a SculpSure procedure then we want to see you! Learn more about what to expect during your first SculpSure procedure by clicking on the video links below. (Alternatively you can just pick-up your phone and call (561) 279-3966 for a free consultation – we know you that once you see what SculpSure is already doing for our other patients you will want schedule as soon as possible)